Savannah Index
Vanna - F-3 Savannah  - our beautiful Vanna died
shortly after having her kittens in December of
We miss her every day.
Midnight Lace - F-6A Savannah -
Lacey has retired and is now living with a new
family in Arizona.
Wharf From Earth
My friend and companion has now gone on to live
in Heaven.  He will never have to suffer again
from the evil acts of a teen hired to help at my
Go Gently Into that Good Night, My Friend
1-05 / 10-09   
Retired Friends and
Those Not With Us
Wind Haven Exotics has been breeding exotic and hybrid cats
for over 35 years. We breed and sell companion animals for
families of any size.  The cats in our breeding program are
Ocicats, Cheetoh Cats, and Savannah Cats

We are the founding home of the Cheetoh Cat, and we
designate whom will be the approved Cheetoh Breeders.  
Cheetoh Cats are safe feline companions for any age child and
are wonderful familiy pets.

We also have Ocicats, the cat breed that we originally
started with 25 years ago. The Ocicat is a domestic cat that
looks like a small leopard, but has no wild blood like the big
cats in the jungle.

Wind Haven is now breeding Savannah Cats, a hybrid of the
Serval Cat from the African Savannah lands and domestic
cats.  We guarantee the personality and health of these cats
with one of the best policies and guarantees in the cat
breeding business today.

If you are looking for a feline pet friend or companion, one
that arrives safely and very healthy, contact us at:
928-532-7300 or at our email:

Carol Drymon
Wind Haven Angenie  F5A  Savannah
Spirit of the Wind
Angenie is now living with Vanna in the far spaces
and beautiful meadows of Heaven.
African Soul Godiva of Wind Haven  F3C
Forfunsavannahs Candy Momma of Wind Haven F4B
Candy has just retired July of 2014 and is living with a
wonderful gentleman in California - where it's warm
Wind Haven Kang
F5B  Savannah Male
Pharoah's Elemental Force - "Butter"
F5A  Savannah Male
Butter has retired after a serious urinary
infection.  He is living with a wonderful family in
the White Mountains of Arizona.
Cyrena of Wind Haven  F5C - has been retired and
is living with a great family in Texas.
Wind Haven Phantom
F5C  Savannah Male
Phantom having lived with with Shirley Wallace and our
sister cattery "African Soul Savannahs" for a year,
developed a serious intestinal infection and passed away
the summer of 2016.  I miss ya bud - see you soon.
Romeo's Phantom of Wind Haven - F5C
Now a treasured pet here at Wind Haven
Betty Davis - F-3 Savannah  - Is now retired and
living the life of luxory here at Wind Haven in our
huge indoor-outdoor old folks home:)
Wind Haven Wharf's Spirit
F5B  Savannah Male
Spirit is now living in Colorado with Shirley Wallace &
our sister cattery "African Soul Savannahs"
Wind Haven Dendera F6C has retired in April of
2017 - looking for her new forever home.  
Contact us here.
Wind Haven Odin
F5C  Savannah Male
Odin is now living with Stacee Dallas in MI
Wind Haven Da Beauty (DB) F4B - is now retired
and has found the perfect retirement home in
Arizona mountains.
Wind Haven Anket F5C
Wind Haven Snow White F6B
African Soul Spartacus of Wind Haven
F5C  Savannah Male
Wind Haven Cherokee Renegade F5C  Savannah
Male has been retired and is living with folks in
Wind Haven Mahria - F6SBT
Wind Haven  Golden Treasure - F6SBT
Rarebreedexotic Neeko Boy of Wind Haven
F6SBT  Savannah Male