This page is for reviews of my cattery and cats from people who have been here and/or
have one of my cats.  All of the reviews from 2-18 were posted on Yelp and are copied here.
C. Vithen  San Diego, C  2-27-18
I got my first Cheetoh kitty from Carol (owner of Wind Haven Exotics) in August
2009, my furry, healthy big boy BO has such a wonderful disposition and everyone
loves him to pieces. Carol is very conscientious when it comes to her kitties.  Anytime I
have a question, even after 8 years, she is quick and happy to respond.  I was lucky to
get a second kitty from Carol over three years ago ... a female Cheetoh - Daisy, and
again, another wonderful furry baby.  The two cats are playful and love playing fetch,
and they do a little indy 500 around my apartment at least once a day. They are such a

If you are looking for a great kitty, I highly recommend a kitty by Carol, you won't be
Arlina S.  San Diego, CA  2-19-18

I am so happy with my kitten from Carol. She's super loving. Our vet said she
looked good and healthy!! Windhaven is a wonderful place to get your Cheetoh.
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Mary R  San Francisco, CA 2-14-18

I own 2 cheetohs both from Wind Haven Exotics. They are incredible cats and
by far my favorite pets I've ever had. Carol Drymon goes above and beyond
for her cats, kittens and customers. She even drove 6 hours one way to send my
kittens to me not once but twice at no additional charge! Love my cheetohs!!
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Merilee C  Astoria, OR  2-24-19

I have known Carol for 15 yrs.  My daughter had the first Cheetoh male from the first
Cheetoh litter born on 1 Feb 2003, and I have the second male, Rocky, 15, he's my
soulmate.  These cats are truly amazing and unique.  The Cheetoh breed is a gift from
Carol to those of us who realize it.  I cannot say enough positive things about Carol, the
kindhearted, caring and honest person she is and the environment and care she gives her
mom's and kittens!  There are no cages or bars in her house, it is truly a whole-cat
experience to visit.  What most people don't know is that she also does rescue work and
provides homes for several older cats who require medicine and ongoing special care for
conditions that would have otherwise caused them to be euthanized at the shelter.  She
also fosters and adopts cats and rescues various wild animals when the situation
presents itself, working with local wildlife authorities.  More breeders should be like
Richard S  Grapevine, TX  2-20-2018

This is the founding breeder of the Cheetoh cat. Carol is honest, up front and a
pleasure to be around as I have been to her cattery. I highly recommend Wind
Haven as we have had great success with all the Cheetohs we have purchased
from Carol. If you are looking for a highbreed cat, you must understand these
cats require lots of attention, play and understanding of the breed. If you want
a part time friend, do NOT get a Cheetoh.  Get a shelter Tabby.
Rachel M  Vernon, AZ  2-19-18

Hey there, my husband and I work for Miss Carol Drymon, at Wind
Haven Exotics. I personally know that each and every cat she has are
healthy happy cats. Every single kitten that leaves her care, has to
have a health check. They do not leave her house if the kitten is not
100% healthy. They are very well fed and taken care of. I have a cat
from her and she is perfectly fine. A fat happy healthy kitten.
Donna S  Shawnee, OK  2-15-18
If you scroll down a little to Carol's post, that big, monster, panther is *MY*
cat---MOOSE! and he is a moose. We adopted him from Carol in 2012 and he is
the sweetest, HEALTHIEST, most loving boy I could ever ask for. We have
visited Carol's cattery on numerous occasions and it is exceptional. The
breeding apartments are clean and spacious and the kitten room is adorable.
We've bought 3 Cheetohs from her and we had a litter from 2 of them with the
expectation of becoming breeders. We quickly found out that wouldn't work
because we couldn't sell any of the kittens!
I love this breed as they are affectionate, sweet, kind-hearted, but still a
little exotic.
Jenna L  Mesa, AZ  2-14-2018
We got 2 kitties from windhaven exotics last year with the intentions of them
being therapy cats for my autistic children. I spoke with Carol about this and
what we were looking for in a cat, and these kitties have been such a blessing
for our family and my kids. The kitties temperaments, and playfulness show how
well socialized they are, and how much love, and work goes into raising these
kitties. Carol has been amazing, and her cattery is top notch! Carol really loves
these kitties and it shows, she requests pictures and updates, and even was
teary eyed when it was time for us to get our kitties.
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Andrea S  Lakeside, AZ  2-14-18
I have 2 beautiful Cheetohs from Carol, both are the best additions to my
feline family I could have asked for!  Carol has always been available to help
with any medical issues that came up (allowed anesthesia, antibiotics etc) and
my vet always appreciated her info!!  Cheetohs are addicting, you can't have
just 1!!
Angela N   Phoenix, AZ    2-14-18
We purchased a cheetoh from Carol at Wind Haven Exotics almost two years
ago.  She still calls/emails just to check up on him.  You can tell she loves every
kitten who leaves her home.  When we purchased our kitten, we visited her home
and watched her lovingly interact with her cats, kittens, dogs, and horses.  Her
home is immaculate and you can tell all animals are cared for with respect and
love.  In fact, before a kitten is delivered to his new home, Carol keeps the
kitten with her so that he gets special alone time.  Everyone who meets our
cheetoh (Helo) falls in love with him.  I highly recommend Carol, as she is
knowledgeable, kind, and genuine.  She has even offered to watch Helo when we
go out of town.
iwillsingforyou            2-28-18  Cape Coral, FL

I have purchased two Cheetoh cats from Carol and our experience could not have been
any better!  Carol is a very loving, passionate and wonderful person.  She treated me
great from day one and here we are almost a year later and she still to this day takes my
phone calls and talks to me as if she was still caring for our babies.  I couldn't' have
asked for a better person to care for my babies and be in our lives.  I personally advise
you if you are interested in purchasing a Cheetoh cat to go with Carol and you will be in
great hands!  And please if you have any concerns or questions feel free to email me and
I'm happy to give you my personal recommendation.
Dave S  Three Lakes, WI                   10/27/2015
In May of 2016, we purchased a Cheetoh kitten from Wind Haven
Exotics/Carol Drymon. Carol was very helpful in finding us a kitten and
prepared us thoroughly for the arrival of that kitten including accurate
information on temperament, diet, and socialization. Carol shipped the kitten
via air from Arizona to Minnesota where we met the kitten at the airport. Loki
arrived healthy and ready to become a member of our family. Carol followed up
by phone every few days for the first two weeks to check on the kitten and
answer any additional questions. Loki, our new male Cheetoh, exceeded all our
expectations! He is a member of our family. His temperament is excelent -
exactly to Cheetoh breed standard. We would not hesitate to purchase another
kitten from Wind Haven Exotics/Carol Drymon or to recommend this Cattery.
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Laura R.   San Francisco, CA   2-14-18
Last May, we brought our first Cheetoh home (Rach) and he is so fantastic and
such a love that we brought another Cheetoh (Dayenu) home in mid-September!  
Wonderful boys and super personalities; they play and get along so well with
their bigger SV brother, Ascher.  Carol has been extremely helpful with her
time and advice regarding vets and training, even with a cat we didn't purchase
from her!  Her cattery is well-planned and care is taken with the breeding
pairs, as well as all of the rescues that Carol does throughout the year for the
local shelter.  And if you haven't met Romeow, you're really missing something!!
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DeShawna W.   Edmonton, OK    2-13-18

I HAVE purchased a kitten from Wind Haven.  We received our kitten over
Christmas and Carol bent over backwards making sure we and the kitten were
well cared for.  She went out of her way after she learned that we had been
scammed by another breeder, gave us files and files of education material on
the breed, and went to great lengths to keep our kitten well.  Our kitten came
to us very socialized and blended right into a family with small children.  She
even has stayed in contact with our family long after the kitten was not in her
care, and is readily available any time we have questions.  To further her praise
she has created a forum for all her clients to be able to stay in touch and to
have questions answered by not only herself, but through a community formed
by all her clients.

Addressing the breeder argument that many may fight for - I only have this to
say:  We have a child in our home that is very ill and highly allergic to most
animals.  She has desired a pet for some time, and through quite a bit of
research on our part we found that the cheetoh breed of cat was one of the
few pets we could bring home in order to let our child have a pet of their own.  
If it were not for having the option of a reputable breeder, we would not be
able to grant the wish of our child as she is unable to bring home pets from
shelters or other means.
Laura M   Peoria, AZ     2-2-17
Wind Haven Exotics is a great breeder. Carol treats her kittens very well. We
adopted two Cheetoh kittens from Carol, and they are the sweetest cats. They
were healthy and beautiful, and very sweet and friendly from the moment we
picked them up. These cats are extremely good with children and very easy to
care for. They are very smart cats and easy to train. We taught them to play
catch with a toy mouse. They greet us whenever we come home. They are lap
cats and love to be near their owners. They are the best. Carol is extremely
helpful with questions and cares about the health and well-being of the kittens.
We could not be happier. We would adopt kittens from her again in a
heartbeat. Highly, highly recommended breeder. Good people at Wind Haven.
Great cats.
M. Phillips                 2-28-18   Tennessee

I have three Savannah cats from Carol, they are wonderful! They have
wonderful personalities and are healthy. She has also become my mentor and
good friend. It is thanks to her that I've been able to become a reputable
breeder as well.
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Stephanie Wessels    3-2-2018   

I got my (future)breeding male from Carol/Wind Haven Exotics last year (2017)
I had him tested by his DNA on twenty inherited diseases and he was free of them
all,he is a very healthy and loving well behaving cat.
After the outcome of the test, I imported him to The Netherlands.
He traveled for two days, in three different flights,you would think he would be
scared, but no,when I got him in my house and open his carrier,he came out purring,
giving head bumps,and start to play.
To me that can only mean that he had lots of TLC from his breeder(Carol), only when
they grow up with good care of the breeder they will become such loving and easy
going cats.

To all the people who saying they had sick cats: send evidence that you bought the
kitten from Carol and a veterinarian note that proof that the kitten was sick before
purchase, because FIP is contagious and can also come from one of your own cats or
outside cats(so is FelV and Fiv).
if you just scream and have no proof,you are a scam.
Carol, thank you for my wonderful,beautiful and loving Treasure,and thanks for your
cooperation with the DNA test.

Stephanie Wessels
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Francine LaPierre,  New Haven, CT    3-9-18

I began my adoption process with Carol around mid October 2017.  Carol has
been nothing but professional during the adoption process always available to
answer any questions I had.  After much research about this breed I knew I
wanted a Cheetoh as a family member.  We just picked up our little girl Maia
from Kennedy Airport in New York 2 weeks ago today she arrived in perfect
health and has settled in to our home wonderfully.  She is very sociable and
lovable and gets along great with my older cats.  Carol provided all information
need to make her transition into our home an easy one.  I can't say enough about
Windhaven Exotics and especially Carol Drymon.