Miss Daisy (Ocicat)
Daisy had to have an emergency C-section and
will not be able to have any more kittens. She
has been adopted by a fabulous lady doctor in
Gilded Lily of Wind Haven (Bengal)
My sweet Lily passed away in April 2016 due to
acute kidney failure - she left us swiftly and
passed in my arms - on her way to the stars.
Cheetoh Index
Wind Haven Eve (F-1) Cheetoh
Eve is retired and living with a
wonderful lady in Phoenix, AZ
Apache Gold of Wind Haven  (Bengal Reference Sire Retired)
Absolutely Jokers Wild (Bengal)
Passed on Rainbow Bridge 10-10
Wind Haven Wild Webs of Charlotte
Charlotte  (F-2)  8-24-04 - 5-18-06
Wind Haven Wild Ice Warrior - "Warrior"  
F-1 Cheetoh
Warrior has gone on to await me at the bridge - soon my
dear old friend
Wind Haven Caesar's Gold - "Caesar"
F-2 Cheetoh - retired 1-13 and is
staying here at Wind Haven and is
known to the mouse population as
"Death Stalker".
Thomwren Egypt's Osiris of Wind Haven - "Izy"
Bengal - 2005 - 2012
Chocolate Chip "Chipper"  (Bengal
Reference Sire - Retired)
Wind Haven Whispers From the Heart (F-3) -
retired 2-13 and has now found the perfect
forever home in South Dakota!
Wind Haven  Walela (F-2) - was retired 4-13
and has found a new home in Phoenix, AZ.
Retired Moms & Dads
Jungle Fantasy (Fanny)  Bengal - retired and
living with a wonderful family in Tennessee.
Wind Haven Exotics has been breeding exotic and hybrid cats for over 25
years. We breed and sell companion animals for families of any size.  The cats
in our breeding program are Ocicats, Cheetoh Cats, and Savannah Cats

We are the founding home of the Cheetoh Cat, and we designate whom will be
the approved Cheetoh Breeders.  Cheetoh Cats are safe feline companions for
any age child and are wonderful familiy pets.

We also have Ocicats, the cat breed that we originally started with 25 years
ago. The Ocicat is a domestic cat that looks like a small leopard, but has no
wild blood like the big cats in the jungle.

Wind Haven is now breeding Savannah Cats, a hybrid of the Serval Cat from
the African Savannah lands and domestic cats.  We guarantee the personality
and health of these cats with one of the best policies and guarantees in the
cat breeding business today.

If you are looking for a feline pet friend or companion, one that arrives safely
and very healthy, contact us at: 928-532-7300 or at our email:

Carol Drymon
Wind Haven Warrior's Chant
F-2 Cheetoh
Chant has gone on to wait for us at
the Rainbow Bridge - soon Chant, soon
Angenie  2007 - 2012
Wind Haven Bob Cat Dreams (Bobby) (F-3) -
retired in 2012 and has found a great new
retirement home in New Mexico.
Wind Haven Aurora F2 Cheetoh - star of Animal
Planet Cheetoh Cats 101-Retired 2018
Wind Haven Dances With Moonshine (Shiny) F2
Our beloved Shiny passed on in June 2013 due to
complications of infection in her pregnancy.  We
will miss her every day - see you Shiny
Sunny has been retired and is living with a
wonderful lady in Phoenix, AZ
Wind Haven A Taste of Honey F3 Cheetoh
Retired Fall 2016 - in her new Texas home
Wind Haven Peaches F3 Cheetoh
Retired Winter 2016 - moving to Canada!
Golgameth of Wind Haven  (Golly)
Golly was stolen August 2014. Haven't given up
finding him - he is an incredible lover and
Wind Haven Netty Cheetoh F1
Wild Thing - Retired 2018
Wind Haven Moroni
Summer of 2016 my sweet young Moroni was
thought to be bitten by something in his room -
vets did not figure out what was going on till it
was far too late.  I'll be seeing you buddy.
Wind Haven Gypsy Rose F2
Retired 2016 Summer  - in her new home in Prescott, AZ
Godzilla had issues with her last huge litter of
8 - so she has been retired and is living with a
wonderful lady doctor in Springerville, AZ
Lilu - F2
Wind Haven Lightning Strikes F4
More Retired Moms & Dads
Wind Haven Perseus
Another victim of Summer 2016 -his room next
to Moroni, both died of unexplained causes -
given up on by the vets. We'll meet again, my
Wind Haven Star Fire - F2
Moonlight Sonata
Mad Dog Mattis - F2 Cheetoh
now a Daddy!
Dreaming of Clouds
Forever Lozen
bred here a couple years ago
and now back making babies