Wind Haven Exotics has been breeding exotic and hybrid cats
for over 30 years. We breed and sell companion animals for
families of any size.  The cats in our breeding program are
Ocicats, Cheetoh Cats, and Savannah Cats

We are the founding home of the Cheetoh Cat, and we designate
whom will be the approved Cheetoh Breeders.  Cheetoh Cats are
safe feline companions for any age child and are wonderful family

We also have Ocicats, the cat breed that we originally started
with 30 years ago. The Ocicat is a domestic cat that looks like
a small leopard, but has no wild blood like the big cats in the

Wind Haven is now breeding Savannah Cats, a hybrid of the
Serval Cat from the African Savanna lands and domestic cats.  
We guarantee the personality and health of these cats with one
of the best policies and guarantees in the cat breeding business

If you are looking for a feline pet friend or companion, one that
arrives safely and very healthy, contact us at: 928-532-7300
or at our email:

Carol Drymon

Wind Haven is no longer
breeding Savannahs. There are
just too many breeders out
there and I don't approve of
how the breed is now being
developed. I will continue to
breed Cheetohs - a much
better family companion .
Updated 6-5-20
This last female is the last of the
Savannahs I am breeding at wind Haven.
This female had been sold and folks
backed out of the sale after I had
spayed her. She is priced at $500