All cubs & kittens receive a series of 2 killed virus shots of Rhinotracheitus, Calici, and Panleukopenia.  
The Cheetoh & Savannah cubs do not get Leukemia shots as they sometimes have very bad reactions to
this shot.  This means that the kittens are required to stay with us until they are at least 12 weeks old.  
All of our Kings and Queens are tested periodically for Leukemia and FIV and are certified negative.  
They also receive an tri-annual booster 3-way KV shot.

None of our cats or kittens (or cubs) are EVER caged.  We have built special rooms for them and the
breeding males have their own 10x6x5 apartments.  All the kittens and cubs as they grow up take turns
coming out into the household with their human servants.  For those of you who like under-cover babies, we
do see that all of them get to sleep with their Wind Haven care takers from time to time.  (a few at a
time at we're not insane).  A number of our kings are  involved in the rearing of the kittens and cubs.  If
you didn't know this, the Ocicat male and now the Cheetoh male, are the only domestic male felines that
can take an active part in raising the babies.  

We feed all of our cats and kittens raw red meat once per day, cut up into ½ chunks.  In cold weather we
cook up 10 lbs of chicken, or pork, or beef per day and feed "Kitty Soup Goop“ a favorite of the babies.  
We also provide free choice Royal Canin, Inova Kitten, Eukanuba or Diamond Premium Kitten food.  Our
kittens get a serving of immune booster herbs and vitamins mixed with wet food twice per day. You can
get this new vitamin supplement from NuVet Labs (800-474-7044 order code 31487).  I add Lysine and
non-acidic vitamin C,   1 capsule or pill ground up to ¼ cup of this supplement.  I recommend giving them this
herbal mixture for their first year at least,  but for the whole lifetime would be better.  Hybrids are not
your everyday cat and have more nutritional needs.  REMEMBER, these babies have wild blood! We feed all
types of raw meat Except raw fowl.  We do feed gizzards and hearts, however.  The little guys usually eat
as much meat as a 12 year old human child,  they will amaze you! We typically feed raw food the last thing
in the day and our feline folk usually go right to sleep (Thank Heavens for that!).

At Wind Haven we treat our Ocicats, Cheetohs and Savannahs as our friends and companions and that is
our number one guideline in their treatment.  Our kittens go to their new homes knowing that not only are
humans the alternate food source, but they are also likely candidates for fun and games and nap partners
as well.

We hope that you enjoy your Wind Haven feline companion as much as we have in raising them. Should you
EVER have any questions or concerns, we are always here to help you in any way we can.

Carol Drymon
Wind Haven Exotics  928-532-7300- windhavenexotics@frontiernet.net


Wind Haven provides a 100% health guarantee for the first 3 days of ownership for your new kitten.  This
gives the new buyers plenty of time to have their own vet check out the kitten and run any tests they
desire. In addition, there is a 6 month guarantee for any genetic problem. This health guarantee does Not
cover injuries or accidents that happen to the kitten after arriving at their new home.  The kitten leaves
our cattery, to the best of our knowledge, in a healthy condition.  However, in the event that the kitten
should be diagnosed with a simple medical problem that can be cured easily, such as colds, skin rashes, etc.,
this would not qualify for a replacement, nor will we pay for any vet bills.  If the kitten is to be used for
breeding, the guarantee is extended for 2 years for any breeding related or genetic problems.  Should the
guarantee be necessary to utilize, the kitten will be replaced with another kitten of the buyers choice -
money is never refunded. Shipping, if necessary, will not be covered by Wind Haven.

Please note that there is a non-refundable deposit of $200 to $400  for kittens held off the sales list
for buyers for over 10 days.  This is not an option to change.  In addition, registry blue slips are no longer
provided for kittens sold as pets.  Breeding cats must be paid in full and contractual agreements
completed before blue slips are given to buyer.

The health guarantee will be void if FIP or shots are given to the kittens.  Also do NOT give Luekemia
shots  the kittens with wild heritage have had reactions to this shot.  In addition, when the kitten, at 5-6
months of age, is neutered or spayed, CHEMICALS MUST NOT BE USED FOR PUTTING THE KITTEN
TO SLEEP FOR THE OPERATION  ESPECIALLY KETAMINE. This can be a killer for hybrid animals!!!!!  
Have your vet use gas.

Should you request it, we have numerous references from kitten buyers all over the United States.

This copy is your written and signed health guarantee.

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